Team Endurance is about racing in teams and is ideal for large groups, corporate events and team building. Drivers are grouped in to teams of your choice. The first session is qualifying, your target is to set the fastest lap time to place your team higher on the starting grid for the race. After qualifying the grid is arranged fastest team at the front. The lights turn green to start the race, the team that completes the most laps wins.

Pit stops are required for drivers to change over during both qualifying and racing. Each team is provided with a number board that is used to signal to the driver on the track that he/she should make a pit stop on the next lap. Pit stop signalling is managed by the team, so you can adopt your own strategy.


During the qualifying session each team member takes a turn to qualify. The order in which each driver goes out to qualify, and for how long is managed by the team. A particular strategy may be to allocate more time to less experienced drivers. The computer lap timing system monitors each teams performance, the fastest lap time set by each team determines the grid positions for the race.
After qualifying, drivers take position on the starting grid. When the lights turn green, the race starts and continues for a specific length of time, depending on the Team Endurance package chosen. Teams strategically decide when to make pit stops to change driver. The team that completes the most laps at the end of the race is the winning team. Medals and a bottle of bubbly are presented to the winning team members.