Please obey our track rules at all times:

  • You must obey flags and marshals' instructions.
  • Karting is a non-contact sport. Repeated or deliberate bumping/pushing is considered dangerous driving.
  • Do not overtake down the inside of a corner unless you are ahead or level with the outer kart before turning in to the corner. Otherwise, you may hit the kart side-on as it turns in to the corner.
  • Do not cut in to the pit lane (entrance or exit section) when racing.
  • Do not use run-off areas (yellow track) to overtake or race on.

Driving safely:

  • When exiting the track, drivers must signal to other drivers by raising their arm prior to slowing down
  • When stoping in the pit area after a race, remain in your kart and await instruction from a marshal
  • If you spin your kart, do not attempt to push it yourself, remain in the kart and wait for a marshal
  • Do not use both pedals at the same time (double pedaling). Keep your foot off the brake pedal when accelerating and vice-versa
Yellow Flag

Yellow Flag

Caution, there is a possible problem on the track - for example a kart may have spun. You must slow down to walking speed, do not overtake, proceed with caution and be alert!
Black and White Flag

Black and White Diagonal Flag

This is a warning to a specific driver that their track conduct is causing concern (breaking the track rules) and the driver may be black flagged on further reports.
Black Flag

Black Flag

Shown to a specific driver if previous warnings (black and white diagonal flag) were ignored and they are continuing to drive in the same manner, or, there's some other problem. You must continue safely around the track and proceed to the pit area to discuss the problem.
Red Flag

Red Flag

The race has been stopped. Come to a safe, complete stop and wait for instruction from the marshals.
Chequered Flag

Chequered Flag

The race has ended. Shown first to the winner, and then to every car to cross the line behind them. After passing the start-finish line slow down and proceed to the pits.