The Iron Man consists of 5 minutes qualifying followed by 25 minutes non-stop racing. Complete the most laps to win. You get the whole track to yourself.

First is qualifying which lasts 5 minutes. Set a faster lap time than anyone else to gain a better starting position.

After qualifying you remain in your kart and you're directed to your grid position. Grid positions are based on qualifying with the quicker drivers starting at the front. Watch the lights turn green then race non-stop for 25 minutes. The person that completes the most laps in that time is the winner. Medals are presented on the podium for the top three, along with a bottle of bubbly.

If you have more than 8 drivers please check out the Endurance event because the Iron Man caters for 6-8 drivers only.


Race Format
  • Drivers required: 6-8
  • Exclusive track use
  • 30 minutes track time
  • 5 minutes qualifying
  • Grid and light start
  • 25 minutes racing
  • Podium awards
  • Medals for the top 3
  • Bottle of bubbly