A Super Grand Prix is the ultimate racing experience with the whole track to yourself. Everyone has three races, made up of two qualifying sessions and a final race. Computer timing equipment displays race times and results in our heated indoor trackside viewing area. Medals are presented on the podium with a bottle of bubbly.

Don't know the exact number of drivers or worried someone might drop out? No problem, just choose a group size: 6-8, 10-16, 18-24, 26+ drivers. You don't need to confirm the exact number. For example, book a 10-16 driver race and the minimum payment is for 10 drivers and the maximum to race is 16 drivers.

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First up is qualifying. You leave the pits for one warm-up lap then make your way to the grid. With adrenaline pumping wait for the lights to turn green. Your goal is to finish first for maximum points. Points determine grid positions in the final.

There's a break before the second qualifying session which gives you the chance to talk about the moves you pulled off. For the second qualifying session the whole grid is reversed, so if you started on the front row for the first race, you'll start at the back for the second race.

Final Race
After qualifying there is another break before the finals. Everyone races in a final. The grid is determined by the points earned in qualifying. You start in pole position if you earned the most points in qualifying. But points no longer matter now, and the driver to complete all the laps first is the winner. Medals are presented on the podium for the top three, along with a bottle of bubbly.
Race Format
  • Number of drivers: 6-8, 10-16, 18-24, 26+
  • Track to yourself, exclusive track use
  • 3 races per driver
  • 1 warm-up lap
  • 10 laps qualifying session 1
  • 15 laps qualifying session 2
  • 20 laps final race
  • Podium awards
  • Medals for the top 3
  • Bottle of bubbly